Dark Dirty Rose Short Sweater

Dark Dirty Rose Short Sweater

This is a very nice spring/summer short sweater for which I chose a nice tuck stitch pattern. I have no idea what color this cotton yarn is, so I named it “dark dirty rose” :). To be able to knit this sweater you only need a standard knitting machine. This is knitted on the main bed only.

The pdf file for this pattern contains instructions for S, M, L sizes.

It’s ready to download immediately after the purchase.

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2 thoughts on “Dark Dirty Rose Short Sweater

  1. I have just purchased your Dark Dirty Rose Short Sweater pattern and am amazed at the format it is in. It looks like a computer printout and is amazingly long-winded. I have not come across a tuck stitch pattern which has presented in this kind of format before.

    It would have been very useful if you had included measurements for the S, M & L sizes – otherwise I have to decode the pattern to work this out from the tension.

    Also, can you tell me approximately how much yarn is required for the S size? This is a pretty fundamental piece of information which is usually included in the pattern!

    Some simple sketches of the shape (ideally with some measurements) would also be useful.


    Daffie Giles

    1. Hello Daffie,

      I added some of your requirements to the pattern and I sent the file to the email address used at the order.

      Thank you for your feedback,

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