Cream-Colored Cardigan

Cream-Colored Cardigan

This is the first cardigan I designed and knitted and I must admit that I really like how it turned out. The color I chose is a neutral one and it makes this cardigan easy to match with different colors. I really love this tuck stitch pattern. At the beginning I wanted to use 6 buttons but then I thought that with only 2 buttons would look much better and I wasn’t wrong :).

The cream-colored yarn is mercerized cotton Nm 2/10.
This pattern is for standard knitting machines (4.5mm) + ribber (for the welt) and includes instructions for S, M, L, XL sizes. The pdf is ready to download right after the purchase.

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9 thoughts on “Cream-Colored Cardigan

  1. Thank you so much for this free pattern! I can’t wait to give it a go. I will be making one for each of my 3 sisters, they will love them! (oh, and me, too!)

    I appreciate your generosity in sharing your patterns and talents!

    You Rock!

    1. Hi Chaille
      I presumed you already know what size you are wearing because I am sure you bought clothes for yourself by now :). There are size charts on the internet where you can find what your size is.
      Here is a size chart:
      Size Chart
      I will take this in consideration and add it to my next pattern instructions.
      Thank you

    1. Hi Michael.
      I do not offer a file for DAK. I only offer a free pdf with instructions that can be downloaded once you signup using the signup form right below the images of the design.

      1. Designaknet 8 kan man downlodaes den film ned her på siden eller fra YouTube.

        Designaknit 8 can be downloaded with the film on this page or from YouTube

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