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DesignaKnitTo be able to design my machine knitting patterns I use a great knitting design software, DesignaKnit which is the most advanced design and pattern making software. Without this software, my work would be much MUCH harder, so for me, this is a must-have tool. If you want to create your own hand and/or machine knitting patterns, I advice you to get this knitting software because you will definitelly need and love it.

DesignaKnit is a powerful knitting design software. The software covers garment pattern drafting, stitch pattern design – including a graphics studio for manipulating graphics files, photos and scanned images – and interactive knitting. With the appropriate cable-link, stitch patterns can be transferred directly or indirectly to electronic knitting machines; the software can produce templates for punchcards and mylar sheets in addition to charts for manual machines and hand knitters. All types of home knitting machines, whether manual or electronic, can be linked via the correct cable to the software thus enabling shaping and color changing instructions to be followed during knitting. Designers can draw stitch patterns in color or symbols or both and can see a range of stitch types as texture to give a more realistic impression of the finished piece.

DesignaKnit 8 has 5 sections:

  • Standard Garment Styling section of the program allows the user to adapt and customize a design from a range of garments and styles. The standard body measurements and ease tables in the program may be used as provided or altered where necessary. Alternatively, your own data can be entered. In addition to the tables provided, the user may compile and store tables of customized measurements for future use. It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge of pattern drafting in order to use this section of the program. Provided that the appropriate size and ease have been selected, the default styling features used and that the tensions entered are accurate, instructions for a successful garment will be produced.
  • Original Pattern Drafting section allows the user to create his or her own shapes for garments or other projects. Starting with a rectangle which can be set to the maximum or minimum dimensions required, “points” are added, substracted or moved using the appropriate tools. A wide variety of shapes can be created.
  • Stitch Designer section is where original stitch patterns are created and modified on a stitch-proportioned grid using a variety of drawing tools and special effects. The work area can also be used to enter designs from other sources. Stitch Designer can automatically check your finished design for number of colors or stitch textures per row, float length, Jacquard separation and color-changer compatibility.
  • Graphics Studio section is a sophisticated and versatile graphics software offering fine, tight control over conversion of graphics files into stitch patterns.
  • Interactive Knitting is the ultimate shaping and stitch pattern control tool, obviating the need for mechanical charting and electronic patterning devices. This section of the program allows the user to follow row-by-row instructions displayed on the computer monitor. Interactive Knitting advices the user when to bind on, increase, decrease, place a marker, bind off and change colors. Knitters who have the appropriate cable link to their machine can watch the screen update with each pass of the carriage or lock. When not linked to the computer, knitters may interface manually with Interactive Knitting, using the mouse or keyboard. This simulation is particularly useful to check instructions before starting to knit. If you have to leave your knitting, DesignaKnit will remember where you were on the last piece you knit, even when the computer had been switched off.

If your goal is to create your own knitted garments then I recommend you purchasing DesignaKnit knitting software.

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