Casual Dark Red Shrug

Casual Dark Red Shrug

This is a very simple to knit shrug, yet tres chic in it’s simplicity, easy to match with dresses, skirts, pants, both casual and elegant. I like it very much.

I consider the size as being S/M, to be able to wear it as I did in the photos. It can be worn loose by women of bigger sizes too, if they desire so, but they should adjust the sleeve width and set different markers.

In the way I knitted it there were needed 198 stitches from the 200 stitches that a standard knitting machine has. The bigger sizes would have called for more than 200 stitches.

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Happy Knitting!

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10 thoughts on “Casual Dark Red Shrug

  1. Hi Nico, I am trying to download your pattern for the red shrug but I’m having some trouble. I tried to sign up to your newsletter but even though I fill in all the fields completely it just keeps popping up with a window that tells me to click the “I am not a robot” button, which I had already done. Hope you can help, I love this pattern and cant wait to try it. Kind Regards Jenai Hooke

    1. Hi Jenai

      It is resolved. You should be able to download it now. Thank you for your interest in my pattern. Let me know how it goes with downloading. Happy Knitting!

      1. Hi Nico, I have the same proble, I am trying to download your orange skirt patter, but kept sending me to sign up.
        Thank you,

        1. Hi Ruth. To be able to download any of my pattern you need to sign up. Did you signed up and could not download it? I just tested it and for me it is no issue. Please explain more of what you encounter. Thank you for your interest in my patterns

  2. Hi Nico
    I have tried to sign up for your newsletters and nothing happens, there is nothing in my junk folder and I do not get a reply that enables me to click on the link to confirm, hoping you can help,

    1. Hi Lyn
      Sorry to hear that. Can you please confirm once again that the email did not arrive at you at all, not even after a few hours? If not, I will accept your subscription without confirmation and you will be able to download it. Just let me know.
      Thank you for your interest in my patterns.

  3. I am unable to download the shrug pattern although I have successfully subscribed. Could you please help me? Thankyou, Lynda.

    1. Hi Lynda
      Could you please give me more details about your issue so I can resolve it? I just tested it and it works fine for me.

      I couldn’t find your email address in the subscribers’ list which means that you should try again to resubscribe, confirm your subscription by clicking the confirmation link you will receive on your email address right after you chose to resubscribe and you will be redirected to the pattern’s page where you can download it for free.

      I periodically delete email addresses that do not confirm subscriptions which might have happened in your case too.
      So just resubscribe.

      Thank you for your interest in my pattern.

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