Romanian Traditional Inspired Sleeveless Blouse

Romanian Traditional Inspired Sleeveless Blouse

This is a cute blouse that I knitted with pleasure for a project, being asked to knit something that is inspired by the romanian traditional costumes. I knitted it in 5 strands of lace cotton yarn, in a very beautiful light and medium green colours, I love the colour combination. It’s very easy to match this blouse with jeans or other pants and skirts.

The motif stitch pattern is Tuck. The blouse was knitted on a standard knitting machine (4.5mm).

Being knitted sideway, there aren’t available instructions for larger sizes because they would require more than 200 needles, the maximum my standard knitting machine (and I bet yours too) has on the main bed. Therefore, the instructions are given only for S and M sizes as a pdf file which is ready to be downloaded right after the purchase.

I also attached a photo of an authentic romanian traditional blouse called “ie”. This was the inspiration for my knitted blouse and now that I discovered the taste of it, in the future I will surely knit other garments inspired by the traditional costumes of my dear country, Romania.

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