Sleeveless Nude Sweater Tunic

Sleeveless Nude Sweater Tunic

This is a simple but chic sweater tunic (size S) knitted using a very warm nude color cotton yarn, thinner than Nm 1/15. The cones did not have any tag on them so I made a comparison with other cones which have. It is knitted with my sk840 standard knitting machine and I used the ribber for the welt. Both face and back are the same. I did not make any neck or arm band because I just love it the way it is without. Sometimes less is more :). This is a free machine knitting pattern ready for download right now.

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4 thoughts on “Sleeveless Nude Sweater Tunic

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  1. Hi,
    what sizes are possible with this pattern. Can you please send me a schematic, so I could adapt it to my size 36, thank you.

    1. Hi Tyara
      It’s size S which is 36 european measure. I am size 36 too so the instructions are good to go for you.
      Weird that I did not mention the size in the pattern instructions. Sorry for that.
      Happy knitting it!

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