Multicolored Spring-Summer Sweater

Multicolored Spring-Summer Sweater

I finally finished this sweater. I had to unravel it 2 times because the first time was kind of short, the second time I figured that, for the chosen length, the number of yarn balls will not suffice. I bought a second pack of yarn but since it was not from the same lot the color shades differed. Therefore, I rethought the length and knit it again, this time succeeding at it 🙂 .

This multicolored spring-summer sweater is so cute and casual, can be worn with jeans, classic or sport pants, on top of dresses, etc.

The instructions are available for size S, in pdf format. Everything, including where you can buy the multicolored viscose-cotton yarn, you can find in the pdf file that you can download with the press of a button.

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