Light Orange Mid-Length Skirt

Light Orange Mid-Length Skirt

I simply love this mid-length skirt, it is so feminine, simple but chic. It has some ruffles at the bottom. The yarn I used is a very thin one (Nm 1/15) in 2 threads, a very warm light orange cotton yarn that was a pleasure to knit with. The skirt is knitted in one piece, sideway, on my standard knitting machine using only the main bed. I knitted it for myself (size S) so the instructions are for size S, but you can continue knitting if you are a bigger size. I provide this standard machine knitting pattern for free and you can download it right away.

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18 thoughts on “Light Orange Mid-Length Skirt

  1. Hi! I downloaded your pattern and I was wondering what you do with the waist. Do you let it roll or do you make a hem and put an elastic in it? Also, do you know approximatly how much yarn it takes? Thank you very much for your answer and for such a lovely pattern. Good and cute machine knitting pattern are so hard to find!

    1. Hello Caroline

      The instructions for the waist band you can find in the pdf (the paragraph close to the end). I used an elastic through the hem. I did not weight the cone of yarn before and after knitting the skirt so I do not know how much yarn to use. I recommend you buying a cone of 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) or 1 kg (2.2 lbs) and that should be more than enough, you will have yarn for other garments too.
      Thank you for your appreciation.
      If you have any other questions, go ahead and ask :).

      Have a nice day,

      1. Hi again!
        I’m sorry, I tought these instructions were for the bottom edge of the skirt. But then, do you do the same edging with the bottom but without the elastic?
        Thanks a lot!


    2. For the bottom you do not use elastic at all, you just follow the instructions given and you will see the ruffles will form. The ruffles are formed due to the R23-R29 sequence.

  2. Hi. I’d love to download this pattern but i can’t find the link or prompt for it. What do i do to get it? I am new at knitting skirts and would really like to try this one.

    1. Hello

      You have to add the pattern to cart and finish the ‘purchase’ like usual, except that this purchase will have $0 value. Then you will receive the download infos on your email address.

      Let me know how it goes.


  3. Hi Nico I am a little confused does it means after I put the first set of 29 stitches in hold then I put 1st in hold on the left until I have 71sts in hold?

    1. Hello Verona.

      No, you first put 29 stitches on hold (Row 11), then knit. Before the Row 12, you hold one stitch on the right, the stitch LN71 (LN71 = needle on the 71 position from left side of the machine). The standard machine has 200 needles, 100 on the left, 100 on the right, they are name LN100 and RN100, it’s a standard label for needle positions. After row 11 and 12, you repeat 6 times the sequence you did at R11 and 12. This means at row 13 you hold again the next 29 needles and at row 14 you hold one stitch at the right and so on. I hope I am clear enough with my explanations, if not, feel free to ask for more clarification on this.

      Thank you for your interest in my pattern.

  4. Hi Nico I have knitted the first part got to Row 18 when do I start putting the stitches on the left back into work?

    1. So, you repeat 6 times (in total) the 2 rows 11 and 12, this means: 1. R11 and R12; 2. R13 & 14; 3. R15 & 16; 4. R17 & 18; 5. R19 & 20; 6. R21 & 22. Then you knit R23, R24, R25 and R26 as instructed.
      The instructions say to repeat 2 times (in total) R24-R26, this means: 1. R24, R25, R26; 2. R27 like R24, R28 like R25, R29 like R26.
      Next, repeat 5 times (in total) R23-R29, 1. you already did so you have 4 more times, until you reach R58, actually R57 next being R58. So, before R58 you unhold ALL the stitches and repeat the whole R1-R57 section as much as is needed for your size.

  5. Hi Nico this will be my last question so does it mean when I do rows27,28,29 I just knit straight across because needle 79,’80 is already in hold position?

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