Silver Reed SK840 Standard Gauge Electronic Knitting Machine

Silver Reed SK840 Standard Gauge Electronic Knitting Machine

Silver Reed SK840 opens new possibilities in home knitting. This standard gauge (4.5mm needle spacing) home knitting machine is perfect for fingering and sport weight yarns. With this electronic Silver Reed model you can create beautiful garments in a fraction of the time it would take to hand knit them.


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The SK840 sets the standard that other machines aspire to. Now you can start the garment in the morning and wear it to dinner in the evening. Just imagine what you can create with your Silver Reed SK 840.

These are the features:

  • standard gauge, 200 needles, 4.5 mm needle spacing
  • full bed stitch pattern area
  • Stockinet, Fair Isle, Tuck, Slip, Punch Lace, Weaving and Motif stitch types
  • for fingering and sport weight yarns
  • Net Weight: 13.0 kg
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 1110 x 205 x 98mm

These are the tools packed in the accessory box:

  • 1×2 transfer tool
  • 1×3 transfer tool
  • 2×3 transfer tool
  • 2 claw weights
  • Ravel cord
  • Oil bottle
  • Table clamps
  • Row Counter
  • 2 color yarn antenna
  • Instruction Book Knittng Manual(information on knitting a garment)
  • Instruction Book Operating Manual (information on setting up the machine and mechanical operation)


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6 thoughts on “Silver Reed SK840 Standard Gauge Electronic Knitting Machine

  1. I bought this SK840 machine and I got frustrated with it. I had someone who was familiar with this machine, but she was out of practice. she came over and showed me how, but, again, she was out of practice, so I didn’t really learn anything. It broke within a few weeks and had it repaired by sending it to Washington state. After getting it back, I was not able to knit on this machine at all when I go past row one. It has been a year now and still not able to use it. It is overwhelming, but I still like to learn how to use it. Do you have videos that I can follow through to make this work step by step? I learn better by doing visual learning. Thank you.

    1. Hello

      Sorry to hear that. For sure the machine broke because of the wrong use of it.

      To learn how to use it, I recommend you the youtube channel of a great machine knitter, Diana Sullivan:

      This is an electronic machine, you need to use it in conjunction with a software DesignaKnit. You can find a few tutorials posted on my website, the tutorials are not made by me:

      I hope it helps.

      Happy New Year!

  2. Good Evening,

    I am very interested in buying this knitting machine, but the websites to purchase them and additional items are very dated and cumbersome. I have previous experience with the ultimate sweater machine and was very successful with making baby blankets. My goal is to upgrade to a Silver Reed machine with a Simet Motor as seen with the YouTube link listed below. Could someone help me out?

    Thank you very much…


  3. I have a Silver Reed 840 and DK program with the Silver link 5.
    My SR 840 will not communicate with my DK through the Silver Link. It will read patterns going left to right but not going right to left. I live in VT and there is no one in my area that can help me or fix my machine. Can you give me a name and number of some one I could send my stuff to so they could fix my machine.
    I am very desperate and need help bad.
    Thank you for your time
    Bonnie Robinson

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