Silver Reed LC580 Electronic Lace Carriage for Standard 4.5mm

Silver Reed LC580 Electronic Lace Carriage for Standard 4.5mm

Same as LC560 except that you can plug in the PE1 Pattern Controller to LC580 for use on for Standard Gauge 4.5mm Electronic Knitting Machines – Silver, Studio, Singer, KnitmaSilver Reed LC580 (LC560+)* Electronic Lace Carriage LC-580 for Standard 4.5mm Gauge Electronic Knitting Machines Studio, Singer, Knitmaster SK580 840

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4 thoughts on “Silver Reed LC580 Electronic Lace Carriage for Standard 4.5mm

  1. hi, this is more of a question than a comment.My new LC 580 carriage doesn’t work with SK 840 knitting machines or the DAK 8 program. Each time I tried knitting any lace pattern from the program,the needles get jammed in the carriage. How can I solve this problem? It’s very frustrating.I invested in this craft to make some beautiful lace garments for family and friends.Very disappointing. Thanks.

    1. Hello. Sorry to hear about this issue you have and I do not know what to tell you. Maybe try to contact the manufacturer either of LC580 or DAK8 (or maybe both) and ask them. Maybe try to clean it and oil it better? I have it too but did not use it much. I just know that it doesn’t work with thin yarn, it breaks it.

  2. Thanks Nico, for getting back to me. I did get in touch with the manufactures of DAK. They were’nt able to come up with a solution yet. They are still working on it. I’m very frustrated. I’m thinking of buying an SK280 now. The SK840 with the DAK does works well. It’s only using the LC580 carriage that has given trouble. Really, the reason I got into the craft initially was to knit lace garments for family and friends. Do you know if the LC560 carriage work with SK840? Thank you.

    1. Sorry to hear that. I don’t think any other carriage that is not made especially for SK840 works, because it uses a coil cord which makes the connection between the machine and silverlink. You could try to contact the shop from where you bought it and change it, telling them it doesn’t work. Also, if you are on facebook, there is a Silver Reed machine knitter group, you could ask there too:

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