Home Knitting Machines

If you are looking for a knitting machine I definitely recommend you one of the Silver Reed knitting machines. Why? Because they are japanese which is translated into quality and are still being manufactured which means you can find parts for them and support easily. Silver Reed manufactures different types of knitting machines: manual (LK150, SK160*), punch card (SK155*, SK280) and electronic (SK840, SK860*, SK830*); fine gauge (SK830*), standard gauge (SK280, SK840), mid-gauge (LK150, SK160*, SK860*), bulky gauge (SK155*). One (or more :) ) of them is certainly perfect for your wants and needs.

Those marked with * are not being manufactured anymore due to the fact that the manufacturer’s business was really affected by the tsunami in Japan and they restricted their business by choosing to produce only the most popular of their machines: LK150, SK280 and SK840. Hopefully, they will recover and the other great machines will be manufactured again.

Silver Reed SRJ70 Birds Eye Jacquard Carriage on 4.5mm Gauge Ribber Bed

Singer Silver Reed SRJ70 Birds Eye Jacquard Carriage on 4.5mm Gauge Ribber Bed Attachment SRP60 Ribber (without SRP60N Carriage, but...

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Silver Reed SRP60N 4.5mm Gauge Ribber Attachment

Made for Silver Reed manufactured SK840 or SK280 current 4.5mm gauge knitting machine models. Also for older model SK210, SK700,...

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Silver Reed LC580 Electronic Lace Carriage for Standard 4.5mm

Same as LC560 except that you can plug in the PE1 Pattern Controller to LC580 for use on for Standard Gauge 4.5mm Electronic Knitting...

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Silver Reed LK 150 Mid Gauge Manual Knitting Machine

The Silver Reed LK 150 is an excellent knitting machine for beginners. It is a light weight portable machine that offers a quick and...

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Silver Reed SK840 Standard Gauge Electronic Knitting Machine

Silver Reed SK840 opens new possibilities in home knitting. This standard gauge (4.5mm needle spacing) home knitting machine is...

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Silver Reed SK155 Bulky Gauge Punch Card Knitting Machine

The Silver Reed SK 155 takes a step in the right direction by providing a 12 stitch punch card machine that will knit those heavy...

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Silver Reed SK280 Standard Gauge Punch Card Knitting Machine

The Silver Reed SK280 is a machine that will proudly stand by your side to help you create some of the most beautiful garments in...

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